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Trusted Compliance For Businesses Across The Susquehanna Valley

  • Ready-2-Roll™ service provides all DOT required documents
  • Easy step-by-step Driver Qualification
  • Comprehensive tracking of IFTA fuel tax reports
  • Effective auditing of driver logs
  • Rapid reporting for violations and accompanying fines
  • Random Drug & Alcohol testing programs
  • Start-up services for new fleet or trucking business

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Trucking Compliance

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Unsurpassed Trucking Compliance

Trucking Company DOT Compliance | Paperwork Services

We offer a complete line of Department of Transportation (DOT) paperwork services for truckers, trucking companies and motor carriers. Our services are reliable, affordable and prompt, and we can help new trucking businesses navigate through the trucking company start-up process. Our trucking company DOT paperwork services include:


Driver Qualification | Filing, Setup, Maintenance

We offer Driver Qualification File processing for new and current truck drivers. We can work with your needs whether you would prefer to stop into our office or have forms mailed/emailed to you to be completed.

We provide all DOT required documents for the file, including:

  • Initial State Motor Vehicle driving record
  • Application for employment
  • Previous employer inquiries
  • Driving history annual updates
  • Supervisor reviews


Fuel Tax Reporting | International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

We complete IFTA fuel tax reports for trucking companies. Fuel tax reporting services include:

  • Compiling mileage and fuel data from driver trip reports and fuel receipts.
  • Completing the IFTA report on your state forms (ready for your signature).
  • Filing fuel tax reports online, where applicable (example: HUT and KY)
  • Summary reports, by truck and for whole fleet upon request.


Driver Log Book Auditing | Violation Reporting

We reduce driver log violations and fines with a thorough examination of driver logs.

  • Review logs for hours-of-service violations.
  • Critique driver method of completing logs.


Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs | DOT Regulations

With our DOT Random Drug & Alcohol testing program our Office Tenders will:

  • Assist in finding and signing up with the right Hospital that is compliant but will work with your needs.
  • This may also include us as your contact person for the quarterly randoms and filing results if you choose.



New Trucking Business Startup

Get your own fleet or trucking business going with paperwork services:

  • Assist with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (Interstate) and Intrastate applications for obtaining operating authority.
  • Assist with commercial motor vehicle registration, IFTA, Unified Carrier Registration, MCS-150 updates, etc.



And So Much More:

- PUC Security form

- SCAC Code renewal

- MCS-150 bi-annual updates

- KY new application

- HUT new application, new truck additions, or truck info updates

- Audit prep help

- Registration work

- Any design work needed for your company (trip sheets and/or timecards, invoices, any specialized forms).


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Our mission at BrightSum is to offer brighter business solutions by providing unsurpassed payroll, bookkeeping and trucking compliance services that fit the needs of our clients.


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